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Help for regimail 

regimails are normal e-mails with a file attachment (RGF file). This means you receive them normally in your e-mail program (mobile phone or PC).

To open a regimail, you need a regify account. Usually, the sender invites you to a regify account beforehand. You will receive an e-mail in which you have to click on a link for confirmation. Then you will also receive your password. 

You have no invitation and no regify account yet? Ask the sender to send you an invitation.

If you have a regify account, there are several options to open the regimail: 

Option 1) Install the regimail software. You can download the regimail software here

Option 2) Open the RGF file on your provider portal (where you have your regify account). By the way, you will also find the address in the invitation e-mail. 

IMPORTANT: If you know that the recipient does not yet have a regify account, be sure to send an invitation from your regify portal beforehand. Otherwise, the recipient will have problems opening your message.  


Open the regimail app. When you open regimail for the first time, you may have to enter your account credentials. Then you can use the writing dialogue and send the message. After encrypting , the message will be forwarded to your email app. There you usually have to press the send button again. 

Desktop-PC with Outlook  

When you compose a new email, you have an additional button "Send regimail" at the top of the toolbar. Click this to send the message as regimail. Of course, the regimail software must be installed for this.
Tip: To make the Send button permanently more visible, you can right-click the regify entry in the "Write email" window and use "Pin to ribbon" (from Office 2021). 

Desktop-PC in general  

Start the regimail program and write your message in it. Then you can send it. Of course, the regimail software must be installed for this. 

Using the web browser  

Login to your regify provider portal and go to "REGIMAIL" ➔ "Send regimail". 

A regify user group consists of a couple of regify accounts. Every group member still owns an individual regify account. The member status (regimail professional or regimail private), however, is solely defined on a group level. The group functionality is useful for companies or departments, since not every user should be concerned with any orders, but rather just wants to use the regify service. 

What is a group administrator? 

The group administrator can see all the group members (name and email address). In addition, he can buy regimail professional membership for the whole group. He can also trigger a group members password reset, make someone else the group administrator and can remove users from his group (but not deleting any users accounts).
Another important function for the group administrator is the ability to invite new users directly into his group. 

Can there be more than one group administrator? 

No, every group can only have one administrator. The group administrator can make some other group member the new group administrator at every time. 

Can a user be in more than one group? 

No. A user can only ever be a member of one group. 

A strong and unique functionality of regify is the ability to define representatives. 

In general, a representative…​ 

  • can open all regify messages that are addressed to the user (regimail, regipay etc)
  • triggers the receipt while opening messages
  • cannot send in others name
  • does not need to know passwords of represented users
  • must be registered on the same regify provider

The system offers two types of representatives: 

Single users as representatives 

Such representatives are entered by entering the email address. A user is able to define up to 25 users or groups as representatives. This is a hard technical limit and is not able to get increased (it is because of how representatives are handled by the regify clearing service). If 25 representatives is not enough, please consider making a group representatives. 

Group as representatives 

A user is also able to enter also groups as representative. For this, he enters the group code instead of an email address. The group code is known to the group administrator (in his group administration dialog) and the provider administration (in group management). 

If a group is defined as representative, all members of this group are able to open up regify messages sent to the user. 

Due to technical limitations, a group is only able to get nominated for representatives by up to five users. 

If you have not succeeded with the above solutions, you may want to contact the sender of the regify message or regibox invitation.

Mainly with regipay Payrolls, your employer's Human Resources department will usually help.

For products like regimail, regibox and regichat, the support of your regify provider usually helps. You will find the contact information in the footer area of the portal page.

In addition, you can take advantage of paid regify vendor support. Further information can be found here.